Buscrates – Buscrates’ Funk At The Crib [Mix] + Groove Kick/Eternal Ridin’ [Singles]

Buscrates digs deep into a sleek and steely, boogie-funk sweet spot with a 37+ minute post-disco soul mix called “Buscrates’ Funk At The Crib Mix” – featuring a stash of mirrorball lit gems from acts like High FashionOattes Van Schaik, Starpoint, and a host of other bands that will absolutely stump your Shazam app. Not stopping there, ‘crates pulls the curtain back on a pair of brand spanking new synth-funk jams live & direct from his personal studio. The first is titled “Groove Kick” and it delivers the same vibrant club-funk energy that makes the “…Funk At The Crib Mix” so memorable, with chunky drum machines, chirpy keyboards, and deep diggin’ synth-basslines. Finally, the session closes with the heavy stompin’ bump joint “Eternal Ridin'” – which finds the modern-funk maestro wading into more hip-hop soaked waters and emerging with a night gliding, Faze-O noddin’ burner. The two singles are the first in a series of planned #FunkFriday free-releases Buscrates plans to drop on a weekly basis for fans to get into…so stay tuned for more.





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