Myke Forte – The Future Beat Tape – Vol. 4 [LP]

On The Future Beat Tape – Vol. 4 ( Amazon | Bandcamp | Google Play | iTunes | Spotify | Tidal ), producer/sound crafter Myke Forte loosely fastens some hazy melodies and wondrously coiling keyboards to a loud pack of stout drum kits, then neatly packages it all for future-funk loving fans to light up and enjoy. With this most recent entry in his “Past, Present, Future” beat tape series, Forte opts to chisel out tracks that easily rise and drift from speaker boxes and earpieces before quickly forming supremely chilled environments designed for heavy lounge sessions. But rest assured, The Future Beat Tape… still brings a wealth of well received bumps in the form of space faring, stutter step joints like “Furcoat Funk” and spiritual neo-soul grooves like “Sweet Pi”. Other standouts include the moonlit broken beat piece “Who Masters Your Universe”, and expansive headtrip called “Journey”, and a choppy, almost sinister sounding hip hop cut “Inter-Soul”.



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