Ganga Lee – They Swear It’s One Better (Hosted By DJ Tampa Mystic) [Mixtape]

On the mixtape They Swear It’s One Better, ( Amazon | Bandcamp | Google Play | iTunes | Spotify | Tidal )Tampa, FL reppin’ emcee Ganga Lee establishes herself as a highly charismatic lyricist that is well adept in mingling her endearing and unhurried rhyme style with a pitch-perfect “Don Gyal”, dancehall-influenced patois. Off the jump, Ganga sets a tone that is simultaneously ambitious, confident, and easy going when she lets loose the magnetic opening cut “Can’t Fake It”. Being the first track out of the gate, the song delivers the sort of swaggering, “allow me to reintroduce myself” bravado that an introductory track typically should. But it also reveals that the speaker is more than a one-dimensional rap characterization, as Lee sporadically offers up revealing lines like “…for many years I’ve been my own worst enemy/ At this point in life I give a fuck what you think of me/ I’m like Mary J, the first time happy/ And still true to my roots yall, nappy”. In fact, They Swear It’s One Better is loaded with moments where Ganga anchors her swaggering (and continually likeable) bravado with moments of relatable realism. On tracks like “Shotta” and “Flashy”, the uprising emcee rides a mix of rhythms that run the gamut from Jamrock riddims to midtempo trap music, and tampers her “All I do is win!…” confidence with an accessible “…because I stay working” determination. “Move Mountains” – a soul-sampling ditty that sets Lee‘s steadily paced rhymes against a plush, boom-clap beat – creates the same sort of leisurely head-nod factor that has served rappers like Diamond D and Mr Eon (of the group The High & Mighty) so well over the years. Other standout cuts include the fully charged, conquering lioness tune “Pass Chew”, a flute-driven, black nostalgic anthem called “The Bronx”, and the super sleek heater Time Zones. More often than not, They Swear It’s One Better delivers on the “chin up, chest out proud” boast of its title and fleshes out Ganga Lee‘s identity in a way that is rarely seen in today’s rap music scene – where packing a ton of guest appearances on a project has become standard practice. With this release, Ganga Lee and her team have given hip hop (and dancehall) fans a singular and dope voice that definitely needs to be added to any serious “artists-to-watch” list.



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