Ladi6 – Royal Blue 3000 [EP]

On the album Royal Blue 3000Ladi6 and her band envelop listener’s ears in some mazy and sweetly electric grooves that seesaw between warm jazziness and vibes that are more cosmically funky. Ladi6‘s vocals are sublimely smoky and delivered in an up-close & personal sort of way, which adds a level of nearness that is much appreciated. The production on Royal Blue 3000 smartly complements its lead singer with dizzyingly expansive and colorful sounds that are well layered but never heavy. On the marching nu-soul gem “Beffy”, the New Zealanders slink and stalk for ears on a truly infectious groover, while the slow-jam mosaic of “Guru” offers up a leisurely brilliance that needs to be heard to fully appreciate. Another stand out is the finger snapping throwback soul leaning “Outta Time” which draws you in with its dynamically creative, start-stop staccato arrangement and Ladi6′s inspired writing and singing. All in all, Royal Blue 3000 is a fantastic trip from Ladi6 and her merry band of future-funkateers that is sure to keep soul music fans feeling good for weeks/months/years to come.

Royal Blue 3000
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