Tanya Morgan – YGWY$4 (You Get What You Pay For) [LP]

On the album YGWY$4, the duo Tanya Morgan hits fans with a gratifying set that seems to find the Brooklynites at a confident and content place in their careers as they coolly pursue good times, good music…and loot. Concerning the first two pursuits, even a summary listening session confirms that YGWY$4 is easily one of the most enjoyable and (dare I say) fun albums to come out in months. The energy is relaxed, easy to vibe to, and straight-up-and-down dope. On cuts like the superb homage to EPMD entitled “VPND” , the smoothly clipped, talk-my-shit theme “Cold Modelo”, and a bouncy bit of revelry called “Ahead of You”, the duo sound like they’re sincerely enjoying life and their places in it. Even on more theme-driven numbers like the lost-love melodrama “Peppermint” and more hard-hitting statement of realness like “Trunk Shit” and “Louder”, Tanya Morgan still bring a refreshingly eclectic aura to their music that gives YGWY$4 massive replayability (which isn’t as common as many people think). And in regards to that third goal, long time fans should rest easy knowing that rap allies Donwill and Von Pea are in no way sacrificing their art to chase a big payday from the pop music crowd. Instead, the fellas offer up some tongue-in-cheek, Prince Paul quality skits that have celebs fundraising on their behalf in between tracks. Other standouts include the piano tinkling world tour “Transplant Anthem” and the no-shame-in-your-game ode to the one-night-stand called “Dirty Stayout”.

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