Umii – This Time [LP]

The band Umii (which is the pairing of singer Reva DeVito and nu-funk fanatic B. Bravo) lays down a beamingly chic set filled with punchy rhythms and futuristic RnB brilliance on their debut release, This Time. Individually, both acts have caught and maintained the attention of fans of 21st century, post-disco flair for the past few years now, and their chemistry and synergy as a duo only deepens their lovely sound exponentially. DeVito smolders in her role as the band’s mouthpiece, sounding like the sultry progeny of R&B singers Cherelle and Janet Jackson (yes I realize those are two women, no I won’t rethink my statement) and B.Bravo backs his leading lady in remarkable fashion with steadily flashing club-funk arrangements that seem to dance under and around DeVito‘s often soft and subtle performances. Standouts include a tenderly cathartic serenade called “Masquerade” (which draws you in with DeVito’s warm timbre & lyrics and gets its hooks in you with Bravo‘s infectious keys and effects), an up-jump-and-hustle dancefloor bijou called “Make Your Move”, a trap-meets-dancehall-meets-synth-funk number called “Don’t Let Up”, the crazy cool, beach breezing track “Dangerous, and a sentimental R&B ballad called “Not Alone” that you can almost envision the BET Soul visuals for already (get on it Fresh Selects!).

This Time
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