El Michels Affair – Shaolin Brew [Video]

New visuals from the band El Michels Affair with the video “Shaolin Brew” – a bittersweet statement about b-boy/b-girl culture and the growing threat of the jump-to-violence police states seeping to the surface across the globe. If you dig what you’re hearing, the be sure to check out and order El Michels Affair‘s Return To The 37th Chamber album via the links listed below.

The rawness of El Michels Affair music reminds me of some of my favorite b-boys & b-girls and I wanted to show that connection in this video. I was inspired by the B-Boy Summit ’99 video. This was an event that almost turned into a riot when the police showed up and shut the event down for false reasons. The story focuses on a b-boy crew who’s practice session is interrupted when the police arrive. One of the dancers, Wonda, decides to run and ends up being shot. She knows she is badly injured but chooses to go out doing what she loves most: dancing.

Return To The 37th Chamber
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