Masta Killa – Loyalty Is Royalty [LP]

New music from Wu-Tang commander Masta Killa on the album Loyalty Is Royalty – a consistently dope, sample heavy opus that lands with an immense amount of drive and focus. Arguably, Masta Killa meets and exceeds the expectations that fans will forever place on Wu members when they go it alone musically, as the lion’s share of Loyalty Is Royalty ably employs the static-lined, soul sampling energy that has served Killa well over the past 20 odd years. However, neither the album or the artist rests lazily on nostalgia or past accolades, as their is a strain of modernization on a few of the album’s gems – with the tropical isle informed “Flex With Me” operating as a key example of Killa refusing to box himself into an uber-antipop lane. Other standout cuts include the dusty break built “Return Of Thee Masta Kill”, a crackling “out in the park” anthem called “Therapy” (which brings Meth & Red along for the ride), a pair of cinematic honors called “Noodles, pt.1” and “Noodles, pt.2”, an infectious chant down called “OGs Told Me”, and the fizzy funk title track “Loyalty Is Royalty (R.I.F.).

Loyalty Is Royalty
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