Mecca:83 – Life Sketches vol. 3 [LP]

New music from Mecca:83 with the release of his latest album, Life Sketches vol. 3. – an expansive and wonderfully unspooling, hip-hop-meets-electric-jazz set with cameos from Grap Luva, Buscrates 16 Ensemble, Octavio Santos, Von Pea and more. Standouts include the cooly grounded and gravitational “Let’s Get It”, a near aromatic Fender Rhodes & Moogy synth expedition called “Alpha Channel”, a finely spun piano jazz piece called “Soul Power”, and the organically flowing “Untitled”.

Life Sketches has always been about collaboration. The record is as much about the people who contributed to it as it is about me. From Buscrates and Octavio Santos, to Grap Luva and Von Pea, the artists on this record are people I both admire and respect. This record wouldn’t be possible without them.

Life Sketches vol. 3
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