Lauren Eylise – Life/Death/Life [EP]

Lauren Eylise retraces major milestones in her life as an artist, mother, and black woman and forges the lessons learned into opalescent works of art on the EP, Life/Death/Life. The youthful singer-songwriter is a firmly centered creator who can be just as open and honest about herself as she is about those around her. And her mostly acoustic arrangements – with moderate and well placed electric accents – reveal elements of folk and rock oriented music that travel an engrossing lane that runs between modern era Res and early era India.Arie. Standouts on the seven track embrace include a slinky and slyly grinning ode to sex, smoke & magic (or at least that what I hear) called “Loud Afternoon (Part II)”, a searing confrontation with a half-invested lover called “Suga Savage” (which has enough across-the-board appeal to command a long-term stop on radio dials everywhere), a nighttime gliding opening anthem called “Karma”, and it’s orchestral cousin-of-sorts; an album closing piano ballad called “Voodoo”. In short, with Life/Death/Life Lauren Eylise does more than show her potential as an singer and songwriter – she comes across as an accomplished artist with a well-established voice & presence who is just waiting patiently for the rest of us to catch up.

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