BOSCO – b. [LP]

BOSCO immerses listeners in her artfully rocking forms and cozy new wave phonics on the simply titled album, b. At times the scenery surrounding Brittany‘s aerial voice is a forward-powering new-wave efforts, while other numbers are supported by softer, art-pop pieces that drift along in every way but aimlessly. Regardless of the backing track, BOSCO brushes each canvas with relatable openness and an appreciable melancholy that brings to mind the Ms. Jackson of the “Anytime, Anyplace” era (with all the genre blending charm fully in tow). Album highlights include the synthy and soaring Castles” (featuring St. Beauty), a sultry and surprisingly cheerless song of regret called “Flowers” (my favorite song on the album), a strumming indie-rock/electro number called We Cool” (featuring Anna Wise), and a late-nights-and-city-lights anthem called “Cruel” that takes a little bit of The Internet, a little bit of Norah Jones, and a teeny, tiny dash of Bobby Brown to make one memorable cut. 

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