Dirty Art Club – Basement Seance [LP]

New music from the Dirty Art Club (which is now a one man show with Matt Cagle behind the boards) with the release of the album Basement Seancea murky and shadowy stash of atmospheric studies that draws as much inspiration from avant-garde rockers like Goblin and Yes as it does from instrumental hip-hop legends like DJ Shadow and EL-P. Standout cuts include the crime-funk-car-chase theme “God City”, a drugsy dreamscape called “Painkillers”, the haunting piece of American gothic that is “Basement Seance”, and a RZA-ish bump called “Soul Eater”.

On a side note, I think Vast Aire, Psalm One, and Dirty Art Club would make for a great band…called Basement Seance. Maybe give us a pair of freestyles over the “Sayonara” beat just to see how it fits?

Entering the Dirty Art Club is like letting an encyclopedic sample curator soundtrack a vibrant psychedelic cartoon dream. Conceived in North Carolina, fragments of sun-kissed soul and dusty psyche-rock sounds are stitched together and intertwined with live instrumentation recorded in a home studio setup to convey a woozy and soulful experience. It’s a blend that’s been refined on Dirty Art Club’s latest album, Basement Seance, which is themed around sampling rare “old songs and records that barely anybody’s heard” and reanimating them into a new life.

Basement Seance
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