ScienZe – Kind of Dessert

New music from Brooklyn emcee ScienZe by way of the immediately engaging album Kind of Dessert ( AmazonBandcamp | Google Play | iTunes ) – a swaggering batch of soulful hip hop concepts with cleanly tapered jazz finishes. On the whole, the vibes are varied on this album, as ScienZe‘s mic work and beat choices are smart and jazz soaked enough to bring older rap fans in by the droves. But there’s also a distinctly youthful and unattached energy present in most of his tracks – which means Kind of Dessert is just as inclined to appeal to 20-something year old trap-era rap devotees willing to give it a listen. Standouts include the incense smoke wrapped “Wednesday” (which features the ever inviting voice of nu-soul singer LeXus and the ever fresh rhymes of Fresh Daily), the brilliantly lit “Main Course”, a breezy bit of self reflection (and self congratulations) called “Water To Wine” (featuring West coast rhymesayer Blu), and a straightforward headnod joint called “Juice & Gin”.


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