Amare Symoné – Glass Windows [EP]

Singer/songwriter Amare Symoné lifts the veil on a store of casually rapturous, mosaic soul numbers on the just released EP, Glass Windows (HERE). Sounding wise beyond her years on songs that command warm and simmering powers, the rising young performer ( alongside producer/collaborator NversivE ) still allows her personality and youthful energy to shine bright throughout the 7 track player. Album highlights include a zephyr-like, invite to come fXck with a real queen called Break-of-Mind, an ambrosial celebration of diversity and self-appreciation titled Kol(ours), a heady but strangely catchy examination of confronting ones fears and vulnerabilities called Mɘmoriɘs, and an inviting, sun-drenched album opener called  <Lemme>. Dope work from a young artist whose work you absolutely need to bring into your life. Press play and dig the sounds

The concept of GlassWindows EP, is to rediscover and acknowledge my own vulnerability in a world that tries to dehumanize me. I want to properly introduce myself to this world with all my flaws in order to be 150% vulnerable. Despite the fear of being vulnerable because one may be thought to be weak; vulnerability is brave. Through the act of exposing ideas that have been constructed into our minds from our society, I discuss topics that are often ignored, seen as irrelevant, or unattractive. I reintroduce my humanity and fearlessness to be brave and accept the person I have always been.



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