TheInjuredParty -TheInjuredParty [EP]

On their self-titled debut EP, TheInjuredParty  (HERE), the progressive and expressive pairing of Chi-City emcee Musa Reems and Brooklyn songbird Amare Symoné joins the “hip-hop soul” playing field with a quartet of songs that are sure to resonate with listeners due to their youthful sound-system production and their eclectically stylish lyrics. The musical elements used on this opening salvo are straightforward and effective: 1) bubbling and futuristic rhythmics, 2) versatile rap patterns (which Reem‘s steadily alternates between a high BPM, Gatling gun spray and a more slowed down and drugsy Midwest flow), and 3) crystal sparkling nu-soul notes of beauty ( as deftly delivered with a sweetly-feminine-but-you-can-still-get-these-hands type of charm by Symone). The brevity of the EP helps to keep the music strong and ensures that listeners will be quickly drawn into the vibes before the line is abruptly cut and our ears are sorely left wanting more. But this also acts as a barrier of sorts as you are almost certain to feel like you haven’t really had a chance to hear  the pair dive deep into their unique sound before the record comes to a halt. Still, every entry is a solid one with the JXHNSCXTT produced, radio-ready club chant “So I Know It’s Real” narrowly inching its way above the pack to claim the title of album standout.


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